Advantages of biomass fuel

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The rise of the biomass energy industry is directly related to environmental pollution and energy consumption. This year, the country is banned from coal, and it advocates replacing biomass with biomass pellets. Biomass fuel pellets have an advantage over coal! What are the advantages of fuel pellets made with biomass pelletizers compared to coal?

Biomass pellet machine is also called straw pellet machine, wood pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, etc. The raw material of pellet fuel produced is mainly agricultural and forestry waste, including straw, sawdust, grass, etc., through the pressure of biomass pellet machine. Extruded into rod-shaped biomass pellet fuel, there are many advantages of biomass fuel and coal. Let’s talk about together.

biomass pellet fuel

Advantages of biomass fuel

  • The price of biomass pellets is much lower than that of coal. Currently, the price of coal on the market is 150-200 yuan higher than the price of biomass pellet fuel per ton.
  • The particulate fuel meets the environmental protection requirements of China and is a new type of biomass energy.
  • The biomass pellet fuel has a uniform shape, small volume, high density, and is convenient for transportation and storage.
  • Biomass pellet fuel can be fully burned, coal can not be fully burned when the purity of coal is not high, and coal impurities will appear. The burning rate of the pellet fuel matches the speed of the decomposition. Taking straw as an example, after the straw is pressed into a pellet fuel by a sawdust pellet machine, the combustion efficiency is increased from 20% to more than 80%; the calorific value of the straw pellet is 4,500 kcal/kg, and the average sulfur content is only 0.38%, 2 tons. The calorific value of straw is equivalent to 1 ton of coal, while the average sulphur content of coal is about 1%; in addition, the straw ash after full combustion can also be used as fertilizer to return to the field. Therefore, the use of pellet fuel as a heating fuel has strong economic and social value.
  • The pellet fuel has high volatilization rate, low ignition point, sustainable combustion, and is directly used on the boiler.
  • The pellet fuel produced by the sawdust pellet machine does not contain harmful chemicals. The ash can be directly used in crops, and the ash is rich in organic potassium. After the coal is burned, a large amount of sulfur-phosphorus compounds and coal will be produced, which will pollute the land everywhere, which is not conducive to the construction of environmental protection in China.

In the future, we will insist the way of sustainable development in the energy construction and promote the use of environmentally friendly new energy fuels, which has a certain positive effect on our environmental governance, the development of pellet machine will have a bright future.

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