pickup round baler

What is pickup round baler?

The straw pickup baler machines can automatically finish the pickup,  and put the bundle of pasture, rice, wheat and corn straw, which is widely used in dry, green grass, rice, wheat and corn, alfalfa, wheat straw, rice straw and so on. It is suitable for small or minimum farm, even in pine yards and orchards. We have two models of pickup round baler, namely, RXYK0850 and RXYK0870. Both of the two are suitable for PTO transmission. 
small round baler

Advantages of pickup round baler

  • Compact structure and low power requirements allow it  suitable for compact tractor even 15hp.  
  • Three-point suspension, easy to transport, conducive to turn around the field, adapt to a variety of plots ---- small irregularities, slopes, uneven.
  • The bale is small in size and weight for easy handling.
  • The pick-up has a small gap between the teeth and can pick up various crops, pasture, alfalfa, wheat straw, rice straw, etc., whether it is whole or crushed.
  • Suitable for small and medium plots.
  • Most important is that the price is affordable.
mini round baler

Features of pickup round baler

  • Small volum, light weight, compact structure, easy to operate and store.
  • Suitable for compact tractor, 20-50HP is enough.
  • Small bales, single man can transport it.
  • PTO transmission, 3 point hitch.
  • Easy to use, easy to maintain.
  • Minimal horsepower required.
Specifications of pickup round baler
RXYK0850 RXYK0870
Bale size: dia.*width φ50×70cm φ61×70cm
Dimension (L*W*H) 115*130*120cm 130*130*135cm
Weight 390kg 440kg
Pickup width 80cm 80cm
Efficiency 3-5km/hour 3-5km/hour
Capacity (bales per hour) 80-120 bales/hour 80-100 bales/hour
Tire size 16x6.5-8-4PR 16x6.5-8-4PR
PTO 540 rpm 540 rpm

mini round baler
mini round baler
Besides this pickup round baler, we have many other balers. If you are uncertain with what kind balers to choose, you may consider about these factors below:
  1. Farm (field) acreage and rerrain.
  2. Type of crop.
  3. Hay equipments you already had. such as, tractor, rake, mower, fork and etc.
  4. Desired shape and size of bales.
  5. Storage demands and end usage for bales.
  6. Throughput capacity of the balers.
  7. Price of baler and average cost for bales.
  8. Other factors such as, moisture, loss rate,wrap materials and etc.
Detailed pickup round baler parts
Pickup system
Pickup system
Sealed bearing cover
Sealed bearing cover

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