D-type diesel pellet machine

Introduction of diesel pellet mill:

Diesel pellet mill making pelletizing without electricity possible, it is widely used for making pellets by people who do not have easy access to electricity, especially in rural areas or in the fields or electricity is expensive. It is also your best choice to use on farm or field to make your own wood pellets for your pellet stove or feed pellets (such as feeding material for layer cages). Due to its small volume, light weight, easy mobility, simple operation, it can be used for making pellets at home. Besides, using diesel oil also can decrease the production cost. TICO diesel pellet machine has 12months warranty (exclude wearing parts).

There are also two types of diesel pellet mill, namely, D-type diesel pellet mill and R-type diesel pellet mill

Diesel driven pellet mill

The D-type diesel pellet mill 

D-type diesel pellet machine refers to die-turned diesel, that is to say, when making biomass pellets, the die of the die-turned diesel pellet mill rotates, while the rollers are stationary. As the die rotates, it distributes the raw material evenly to be compressed by the rollers into the holes in the flat die to form pellets we needs.

D type pellet mill is basically a standard version, it has a straight design and function to make quality biomass pellets from different material. D type is chosen by most starters.

D-TYPE SMALL PELLET MILL is often used to make pellets from softwood like pine, spruce, cedar, eucalyptus, poplar or crop waste like straw, stalk, peanut shell, rice husk, bamboo powder, and so on. It has high productivity and low price. So it is suitable for people who make pellets for own use.

diesel of diesel pellet mill

Characteristics of D type diesel pellet press 

  • The gear box of TICO D-type diesel engine pellet mill is made of high quality gray cast iron material with low noise and good shock absorption.
  • D-type diesel pellet machine adopts bevel gear transmission system. This system has higher transmission efficiency than belt transmission and worm gear drive. It can also prevent dangerous from belt slipping. 
  • The shell increases the reinforcement and thickness of the castings, greatly increasing the strength of the diesel pellet machine and avoiding the rupture of the pellet mill shell.
  • D-type diesel engine pellet machine dies is made of high quality alloy steel with hardness reaches 55-60HRC.
  • Die hole structure is suitable for raw material processing, the key technology achieved through a lot of experiments- optimum die hole compression ratio.
  • All of our diesel pellet press and each of the part are high consistency and interchangeability. Customers can choose the spare parts with more trust.

ZLSP-D 150A 8HP 50-100 180/220 100*500*750
ZLSP-D 200A 15HP 80-120 210/240 1460*750*900
ZLSP-D 230A 22HP 120-200 280/310 1560*850*1100
ZLSP-D 260A 30HP 160-250 330/360 1200*500*1070
ZLSP-D 300A 41HP 250-400 410/450 1220*600*1000

FAQ about diesel pellet machine

1. How to choose diesel pellet machine ?

Quality is the most important element, the second is to analysis the cost to product pellet from the machine on energy consumption, life of wearing spare part, the safety device on machine is also important. 

2. Preparation for pelletizing

The raw material should be 3-6mm detritus with moisture 14-21%.  

3. Why we choose diesel pellet mill?

Diesel pellet mill making pelletizing without electricity possible , in some places, it is difficult for them to get electricity, or sometimes, in the rural and field, the electricity is difficult to access to and expensive. In this situation, diesel engine pellet mill is your best choice. Besides, using diesel oil also can decrease the production cost.

There is a video can tell you how the diesel engine pellet machine works.

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