400-800kg/h pellet machine

400-800kg/h technical parameters

ZLSP-R 420B 400-600 37KW 1100/1200 1630 x620x1400
ZLSP-R 550B 500-800 55KW 1770/1900 2300x750x1850

Structural characteristics of model : ZLSP-R 420B & ZLSP-R 550B

The two model : ZLSP-R 420B & ZLSP-R 550B is the R-type machine, it means the roller is rotating with the main shaft and the flat die is fixed, And it specially designed for hardwood as the raw materials, such as oak, birch, cypress, elm tree, basswood, cherry, larch, maple, poplar, etc, which makes it suitable for industrial use.

The advantages of 400-800kg/h pellet machine

  • It can process such hard raw materials into pellets without destroying the pellet machine.
  • It has large production capacity to meet the special requirements with low energy  consumption, and it is easy to operate and maintain. 
  • The holes of flat die are manufactured according to your specific raw material to make sure best yield of your pellets. For one kind of raw material.
  • The main parts roller, dies and main shaft are made from high alloy steel, which makes these parts more wear-resisting and durable to use.
  • It does not cost too much. And you will save a lot on your fuel bill in the winter use pellets made by 400-800kg/h instead of coal, natural gas and etc. 

Introduction of pellet machine 

The pellet machine is the mechanical equipment which make the biomass powder ingredients to be pellet, and the Biomass granule is mainly used as fuel for household use or factory use. 400-800kg/h pellet machine mainly refers to R-type pellet machine. 

Scope of application

For output capacity 400-800kg/h, we main have two model : ZLSP-R 420B & ZLSP-R 550B, for the two model pellet machine, which is working with electric motor, they are main used for the production line of factory, as the big output capacity machine, it can be used as the single machine, but more frequent that they are used with other auxiliary equipment such as the crusher, mixing equipment, drying equipment, transportation equipment, packaging equipment. 

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