drum chipper

Drum chipper

Drum chipper is the necessary equipment in the processing of biomass pellet plant, it is used to make wood chips, generally speaking, it can process logs, crotches, planks and undersized woods into chips with uniform length and thickness and smooth kerfs. These wood chips are usually suitable for industrial use, which the most common one is to be processed into pellets with the help of pellet machines.

Drum chipper
Drum type chipper

Characteristic of drum chipper

Our drum chipper is designed according to the standard of saving energy and protecting environment. Try the best to reduce the cutting resistance without lowering production capacity, and successfully reduce power consumption of 30-40 percent. 

What’s more, the reduction gears of the drum chipper adopt worm and gear or gear type driving, which makes less wearing parts, can extremely reduce the maintenance cost.

Wood chipper processing
wood chips
schematic diagram of drum chipper
schematic diagram of drum chipper

Technical parameters of drum chipper

Type Output (t/h) Motor power (kw) Conveyor motor (kw) Max diameter of raw materials (mm) Packing size L*W*H (mm) Weight (kg) Notes
BX216 5-7 55kw 3kw 150 4348*1730*1258 4070 1.Include in-out belt conveyor and electric control
2.Nude packing
BX218 10-15 110kw 3kw 250 4920*2150*1500 7000
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