disc chipper

Disc chipper introduction

Disc chipper is used to process limbs with the diameter under 120mm, barks with the width under 160-180mm, and scrap materials of spin machine. They are processed into chips, then be used as raw materials to make wood pellets with biomass pellet production line. 

Disc chipper is widely used in biomass production plants, paper mill, pulp mill, fibreboard factory and workshop of some factories. It is the first and excellent choice to make wood chips. 

electric disc chipper
feed port of disc chipper

Characteristics of disc chipper

TICO disc chipper has the characteristics of compact and proper structure, easy operation, high production capacity, high quality, steady performance and easy maintenance etc. 

The main components of disc chipper is engine base, chipper disc, feed port, cutters, cabinet and electronic controller. What’s more, the cutter can be adjusted to produce chips with different sizes and thicknesses. 

disc chipper
TICO disc chipper

Working principle of disc chipper

Through the feed port, wood raw materials are fed, the cutter spin at high speed and cut it into pieces after the raw materials get into the chipper disc. Because of the high-speed airflow from the fan blades, the wood chips are sent out of the cutting chamber.

disc chipper working principle
TICO disc chipper working principle
Type Output Capacity (t/h) Motor power (kw) Outline Dimension L*W*H (mm) Weight (kg) Notes
FSDC420B-1 0.6-1 11 1400*600*750 240 You can replace the screen mesh to adjust the size of wood chips. With different raw materials or different production requirement, the production per hour is different.
FSDC420B-2 0.6-1 11 1400*600*750 240
FSDC500B-1 0.8-1.5 18.5 1500*650*850 240
FSDC500B-2 0.8-1.5 18.5 1500*650*850 390
FSDC600B-1 1-2 30 1500*700*1000 620
FSDC600B-2 1-2 30 1500*700*1000 620
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