hammer mill

Introduction of hammer mill

We all know that pellet machine can process powder raw materials because of the characteristics of itself. So the size of raw materials must be proper. But generally, the length is not likely the appropriate, so before pelletizing, we should make the raw materials in the proper length with the help of hammer mill, which can cut wood chips, stick and all kinds of straw, stalk into 1mm diameter sawdust.

TFS420 hammer mill with diesel engine
TFS420 hammer mill with diesel engine
TFS420 hammer mill with electric engine
TFS420 hammer mill with electric engine
tico TFS500 hammer mill
TFS500 hammer mill
tico TFS500 hammer mill
TFS500 hammer mill
What’s more, hammer mill is also suitable for grinding the grains, such as corn, wheat with different hammers. Also, hammer mill could be driven by electric motor, diesel engine or gasoline. We can make according to different  clients’ requirements.  TICO hammer mill is widely used in the professions such as animal feed factory,wood pellets plant, cultivation factories, organic fertilizer factories, Chinese medicine, chemical industries and so on.

Raw material of TICO hammer mill

Tree branches, tree trimmings, wood chips, wood cuttings, cotton stalk, corn stalk, wheat straw. Small sized material with diameter no more than 50mm are all available for TICO hammer mill.

TICO hammer mill for wood chip
Powder of various raw materials processed by hammer mills

Final products of TICO hammer mill

The raw materials are processed by hammer mill to the suitable length or the powder, generally, the output size can reach diameter 3-5mm , which is suitable for further palletizing or Briquetting.

Advantages  of  TICO hammer mill

  • The machine is used for both of coarse grinding and fine grinding
  • The feeding quantity can be automatically controlled.
  • The grinding chamber adopts twice strike technology
  • Using direct-connecting drive and reasonable design about the space between hammer and screen.
  • The feeder is equipped with automatic deironing device.
  • Using  interlaced drain hole screen to ensure smooth discharging.
  • Can achieve the different fineness by changing the hammer screen with different diameter.
  • The fast start door opener and flexible press screen structure make it easy to change the screen and convenient to operate and maintain.

TICO biomass hammer mill specifications

MODEL Output Capacity (kg/h) Power Screen mesh (standard) Hammer Quantity Weight(kg) Diamesion(mm)
FSP158B 100-200 2.2 KW Single phase 4 16 75/85 750*450*730
FSP198B 240-400 3KW 3 phase 4 16 120/135 1000*750*1120
FSP198B 240-400 4KW 3 phase 4 16 120/135 1000*750*1120
FSP420B 800-1000 7.5KW 3 phase 5 16 250/270 1200*1000*1220
FSP420B 800-1000 11KW 3 phase 5 16 300/320 1200*1000*1220
FSP420A15 800-1000 15hp 5 16 370/390 1650*800*1120
FSP420A22 800-1000 22hp 5 16 390/410 1650*800*1120
FSP500B-28 1000-1200 11KW 3 phase 3 16 470/500 2200*1000*1020
FSP500B-28 1000-1200 15KW 3 phase 3 16 500/530 2200*1000*1020
FSP500A-28 1000-1200 22hp 5 16 370/390 1650*800*1120
FSP500B-40 1200-1700 22KW 3 phase 3 24 710/755 2200*1050*1020
FSP500B-40 1200-1700 30KW 3 phase 3 24 800/835 2200*1100*1270
FSP500A-40 1200-1700 55hp 5 24 995/1065 2250*1150*1270
FSP500B-60 1700-2100 37KW 3 phase 3 36 1150/1230 2300*1150*1350

(Note: FSP-A refers to diesel engine. FSP-B refers to electric engine.)

hammer mill detail
Hammer mill detail
Hammer mill detail
Hammer mill detail
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