How to Choose Pellet Machines?

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How to Choose Pellet Machines?

Biomass pellets can process agricultural and forestry processing wastes such as wood chips, straw, rice husks, bark and other biomass as raw materials, and solidify them into high-density particulate fuels through pretreatment and processing. It is an ideal fuel to replace kerosene. It can save energy and reduce emissions, and has good economic and social benefits. In recent years, biomass pellet machines have been widely used in agricultural production, which greatly facilitates people's work and saves time. Here is a summary of how the biomass pelletizer can be purchased in life.

  • First of all, whether the pellet machine can produce satisfactory particles is mainly affected by the parameters of the mold plate, and the parameters of the mold plate are affected by various factors such as raw materials, rotation speed and power.
  • In order to produce the desired particles by biomass pellet machine, it is best to bring your own raw materials to try it yourself, this can understand the performance of the machine and the specific operation method.
  • Test the applicability of the machine, especially the mold plate, to the raw materials. Using the raw materials to test the machine, the results can be more realistic, and reduce the trouble of not making the grain after the purchase.
  • Find out whether the output advertised by the manufacturer is true. It should be emphasized that the same mold produces different raw materials, even if the same raw materials, the water is not the same, the yield is not the same.

How to choose the right feed pellet machine?

First: From the raw material point of view, in general, when the grass powder content is more than 40%, it is necessary to use a flat die pellet machine, such as a household feed pelletmachine, because the ring die feeding method is 90 degree feeding, horizontal feeding Therefore, it is not easy to feed when the specific gravity is extremely light. Then, the ring mode is the ring mode rotation, the pressure wheel does not move, the material with very small specific gravity is not easy to distribute evenly inside the ring mold, resulting in uneven force, resulting in damage to the grinding tool and bearing! If it is serious, it will damage the big shaft. Therefore, the flat mold is more suitable. First, the flat mold is vertically cut, and there is no trouble with the feed being unsatisfactory. The flat mold press wheel or the template rotation will spread the material around and distribute unevenly. The situation, so do more rough feed pellet machine.
Second: when the grass powder content is less than 40%, that is, most of them are concentrates, such as pig pellet feed, chicken pellet feed, full-price feed, generally choose to use ring die pellet machine, because first, ring die pellet machine has a higher degree of ripening than the flat mold, and the surface of the granules is high in sealing. The sealing performance of the ring pellet machine is better than that of the flat mold. When the feed is made, no special dust is generated, and then the ring mold pellets are produced. The pressure roller of the machine is rotating on the template without friction in the opposite direction, so the damage is relatively small.
Of course, in addition to the distinction of raw materials, there are still some choices in terms of output. Even if it is used as a concentrate, it is most suitable to use a small flat die, because the flat die is relatively cheaper and more suitable for small family farmers.

How to choose the right straw pellet machine?

  • When purchasing straw pellet machine, it should select a model that is slightly higher than the required output value. As the machine is in the process of use, the appearance of machine mold wear will inevitably occur, and then the output value will decrease, so the output value will be selected slightly. A higher model can ensure that the output value can be completed on time.
  • The quality of straw pellet machine is the key, before purchasing the pellet machine, you should first check the manufacturer's production qualifications, confirm whether it is from the manufacturer, do not be profited by some intermediary companies, and then suffer losses in vain.
  • The after-sales service of straw pellet machine can not be careless, before purchasing the pellet machine, you should consult the manufacturer's after-sales service, determine whether the machine's after-sales service is perfect, and write the relevant after-sales terms into the purchase contract.
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