How to operate wood pellet machine safely

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The wood pellet machine is a kind of pellet machine dedicated to wood chips and straw. When the machine is working, there is a certain danger. If it is not properly operated, it will definitely pose a personal safety threat to the workers.

In response to the safety concerns of the wood pellet machine, our company engineers summarized the following 12 notes:

  • 1. Before the power of the wood chip machine is turned on, check that the grounding wire is good. The whole set of production line equipment is strictly prohibited from being connected to the power supply when it is not grounded.
  • 2. When the power is turned on or when running, do not touch the electrical cabinet of the pellet machine and any electrical components in the console, otherwise electric shock will occur.
  • 3. It is strictly forbidden to operate any switch knob with wet hands to prevent electric shock.
  • 4. It is strictly forbidden to check the wire of the pellet machine or replace the electrical components under the condition of charging.
  • 5. Only the maintenance personnel with the operation qualification, and in strict accordance with the electrical maintenance technical requirements can repair the wood pellet machine.
  • 6. The maintenance personnel of the pellet machine should ensure that the machine is in a power outage state when the equipment is being repaired, and hang up a warning sign to avoid human accidents caused by sudden operation of the machine.
  • 7. No part of the rotating part of the device can be touched by hand or other objects at any time. Touching the rotating part will cause direct injury to people or equipment.
  • 8. The granule processing workshop should have good ventilation and lighting. The raw materials and finished granules should not be stored in the workshop, the safe operation channel should be kept clear, the dust in the workshop should be cleaned in time, and the fires in the workshop should not be allowed to be used to prevent dust explosion happened.
  • 9. Check whether the fire protection and fire prevention facilities are complete and effective before going to work.
  • 10. Whenever children and outsiders are denied access to biomass pellet machinery, machinery may cause disability to children.
  • 11. The wood pellet machine can work continuously for 24 hours, and the whole process is automatically lubricated.
  • 12. When you need to turn the pressure roller by hand, be sure to cut off the power supply. It is strictly forbidden to touch the pressure roller and flat mold by hand or other items during operation.

The wood chip machine is an advanced mechanical device. Be careful when using it, and do not operate it at will.

The wood pellet machine can make various agricultural and forestry chafers and crop straws into biomass pellet fuel energy, improve energy utilization, reduce environmental pollution, and reduce environmental pollution products.

The precautions for the safe operation of the wood pellet machine are far more than these 12 items. Seriously study the safety manual of the pellet machine, and hold the certificate, which is a guarantee for the safety of the equipment to the employees.

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