How to promote wood pellet machine fuel in China

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Strengthen industry guidance and conduct market research

Our government will organize relevant experts to seriously study and analyze the development status of China's biomass solidification molding fuel processing and application technology, the obstacles faced and the problems to be solved, and prepare and promote the medium and long-term development plan for the application of biomass boilers. It is necessary to encourage relevant scientific research units, experts and production enterprises to cooperate with each other, promote the commercialization of biomass pellet fuel utilization technology, formulate strict technical standards, strengthen technical supervision and market management, standardize market activities, and create good for the promotion of biomass technology. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen market research, pay attention to the market demand of rural areas, cities and industries in different key areas, and develop serialized and diversified products according to the needs of different users.

Strengthen policy support and guidance, and promote local conditions

The production and manufacture of wood pellet machine in China has formed a very good reputation in the world, but why is there only a few in China, the industry is small, the profitability is low, and individuals who do not have the ability to participate in market competition are investing in production? Therefore, it must be protected by the macro-control policies of the state and governments at all levels. Taking advantage of the opportunity promulgated by the renewable energy law, relevant national industry authorities and governments should increase financial support and policy orientation for the research and development of biomass solidification molding research and development products from the overall long-term benefits. Accelerate the breakthrough of product process technology and the process of system development. Increase the credit scale of industrialization construction and service system, provide long-term low-interest loans, and improve the use of funds. Formulate tax reduction, price subsidies and incentive policies to accelerate the entry of biomass solidified molded products into the market and improve product competitiveness. Relevant national departments should increase the demonstration and promotion of biomass forming fuel processing and application technology, select different regions and current mature technologies for different biomass forming fuel utilization methods, and establish demonstration and promotion bases to accumulate biomass molding fuel industry. The experience of technology promotes technological progress.

wood pellet fuel

Increase scientific and technological efforts to promote the scale of equipment production

In view of the obstacles and technical problems in the development of wood pellet machine technology, we will focus on funds, strengthen collaboration and cooperation between research departments at all levels and production enterprises, and strengthen scientific research investment and scientific research on biomass solidification molding technology. Establish a one-stop development model for production, learning and research, and conduct research, demonstration, promotion and commercialization services for high-yield and large-scale complete sets of equipment. Enterprises should be encouraged to break the boundaries of departments and regions, implement horizontal integration, organize specialized production of technically mature stereotyped products, and promote the benign development of biomass solidification molding technology and molding fuel industrialization. The promotion and use of biomass solidification molding technology depends on the scale of production of molding equipment and special furnaces. Through pilot projects, we will gradually improve existing technologies, realize scale production and industrialization of equipment, form a complete equipment production, raw material collection, and product distribution system, and improve and test the reliability and economy of biomass energy technology in production practice. It effectively reduces the production cost of biomass solidified products and provides the necessary conditions for the widespread use of new biomass solidified fuels.

Actively carry out international exchanges and cooperation

The development and utilization of biomass energy is a hot spot in the world today. It is necessary to seize this great opportunity, continue to adhere to the technical route of independent development and introduction of digestion and absorption, and actively carry out foreign exchanges and cooperation. It is necessary to selectively introduce foreign advanced biomass harvesting and compacting process technology and main equipment, develop China's biomass dense forming technology at a high starting point, further broaden the cooperation field, and strengthen the relationship with international organizations and institutions. Cooperate and take practical steps to create conditions for attracting international institutions and social groups, entrepreneurs and individuals to invest in China, sole proprietorship or joint ventures to start biomass energy entities. Strengthen cooperation opportunities with foreign merchants, introduce advanced granulation technology, solve the shortcomings of high energy consumption and low output of wood pellet machine, and produce influential biomass pellet machine equipment in the world.

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