Market prospects of straw pellet machine in 2018

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Our company is a well-known manufacturer of straw pellet machine. For many years, it has always adhered to the concept of "market-oriented, quality-seeking survival, technology-driven development, management-driven efficiency", in order to better understand relevant knowledge. The following article shares with you the market prospects of straw pelletizers.

First of all, we should know that the straw pellet machine is a pellet fuel forming machine based on the needs of the market, which uses corn stalks, straw, hibiscus, wood flour, wood chips and other agricultural wastes as raw materials. The use of fireplaces, boilers, gasifiers, biomass power plants. At the same time, we should also pay attention: as a resource, corn stalks are rich in nutrients and available chemical components, which can be used as raw materials for animal husbandry feed. Finally we should also know that China is a big agricultural country, transforming the surplus straw in the vast rural areas into protein feed, and improving palatability and nutritional value to open up a new world for the breeding industry. Therefore, the market prospect of straw pellet machine is very important. The above is related knowledge and I hope to help you.

Our company adheres to the business principle of "customer first, forge ahead", guarantees product quality, clarifies quality management objectives, abides by quality assurance, and stands on the market with quality. Products are your ideal choice. We welcome SME users who need straw pellet machine. Inquire the price of the pellet machine.

straw pellet machine

Pellet machine equipment related questions and answers

Q: How many pounds of pellets per hour is produced by the grass straw pellet machine?

A: There are many models of grass straw pellet machines. The output of each type of machine is different. It depends on whether the machine needs small output or large output. We offer 120, 150, 200, 230, 260 Type, type 300, type 550, type 300 pellet machine, the output can be selected from 60 kg per hour to 1100 kg per hour.

Q: How to process corn stover into pellet feed?

A: You need to buy a straw pellet machine. In the course of use, these corn stalks should be dried first, and then smashed, which is definitely beneficial for the subsequent mixing. In addition to the corn stalk raw material, it is necessary to mix with other concentrates and then use the straw pellet mechanism.

Q: How to make animal feed pellets from straw raw materials such as straw sweet potato vine?

A: The use of straw and other crop stems to make pellets requires drying water, then crushing and using a straw pellet machine for pelletizing.

Q: Straw pellet machine: corn straw deep processing project

A: New technology for processing corn stalks by cattle and sheep, and 2 new techniques for processing corn stalks in greenhouse soilless cultivation. Significance of corn stalk gasification and gasification power generation. Full price of bio straw granules. There are many categories of feed production new technology for the disposal of corn stalks for industrial production. The application is also very wide, and the benefits are also very large. The technologies introduced above are proposed and discussed from the perspective of industrial production. However, for each farmer, the use of corn stalks can be effectively carried out according to their actual conditions.

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