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Energy is an indispensable guarantee for survival in life. When we use energy in our lives, it also brings pollution to the environment. At this moment, the biomass pellet machine plays a vital role in this.

We know that climate pollution is mainly caused by carbon emissions. In the process of using fossil energy, we do not fully burn the pollutants emitted. These are the real murderers of smog and various diseases. Therefore, the state advocates that we save energy and low-carbon travel, but these are far from enough. It is mainly on the energy issue. How to reduce the carbon emissions in the process of using energy is the solution to the problem.

China has far-reaching research and development in new energy sources. China has vigorously developed new renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics, wind power generation, biomass energy, etc., and advocated the development of a low-carbon environmental protection economy, which has been invested in the energy industry. Good results.

The transformation of energy is an inevitable trend to improve the environment and cope with the lack of energy resources, save energy, benefit future generations, and improve the deteriorating climate environment. We also have a blue sky and white clouds.

small biomass pellet making machine

Biomass pellets, wood pellets, straw pellets, which use biomass pellet machine to process waste wood and crop waste: peanut shell, alfalfa, rice husk, straw, corn stover, oil tea shell, cottonseed hull, wheat straw, etc. as raw materials. It is more common everywhere in the country, especially after the fall, straw and waste wood chips can be found very commonly.

China is a big agricultural country. Most of the straw is burned after the autumn, which is easy to cause fire and pollute the environment. If it is recycled into biomass pellets and sold to biomass power plants or pellet burners, the benefits will be reduced and the environment will be greatly reduced. The pollution, the residue after the fuel can also be used directly as potash, thus driving rural production power.

Biomass pellet machine plays an important role in the sustainable development of energy. Some data indicate that in the pellet industry, China, South Korea and Japan are regarded as great potential markets, and China's market prospects and investment prospects for developing biomass energy. Extremely broad.

Features of TICO biomass pellet machine

  • The machine is made by high quality raw material like high steel alloy and processed by vacuum heat treatment to make sure main parts have long service life.
  • Our wood pellet machine can be used for making wood chips, sawdust, rice husk, papers, stalk, straw, plastic, peanut shell and so on materials into biomass pellets. Besides this, they can also make fertilizer pellets and animal feed pellets.
  • Main parts roller and flat die adopt 40Cr and processed by special heat treatment to be more wear-resistant, smoother and have high hardness. 
  • The homemade pellet mill does not cost much. As long as you have enough raw materials for making pellets, you will save a lot on your fuel bill in the following cold winters.
  • We obtained the CE Certificate to meet EU client’s standards.
  • TICO has professionals doing the raw material test and have obtained best compression ratio for over 20 kinds of common seen biomass. If your raw material is a new type, we can do FREE raw material test for you.
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