What is the calorific value of biomass fuel produced by pellet machin

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What is the calorific value of biomass pellets produced by wood pellet machine? How is it produced? What are the characteristics and application range? Let’s discuss these problems together.

Process of making biomass fuel pellets

Biomass fuel pellets are based on agricultural and forestry residues, and the procedures are slicing-grinding-mixing-screening-softening-pelletizing-drying-cooling-quality inspection-packaging. Forming an environmentally friendly fuel with high calorific value and sufficient combustion. It is a clean, low-carbon renewable energy source. As a fuel for biomass burning equipment such as biomass burners and biomass boilers, it has a long burning time, enhanced combustion, high furnace temperature, economical benefits, and no pollution to the environment. It is a high-quality environmentally friendly fuel that replaces conventional fossil energy. 


Characteristics of biomass fuel pellets

  • Green energy clean and environmental protection: burning smokeless, tasteless, clean and environmentally friendly, its sulfur content, ash content, nitrogen content, etc. are much lower than coal, oil, etc., carbon dioxide zero emissions, is an environmentally friendly clean energy, enjoy "green coal" reputation. 
  • Low cost and high added value: the cost of use is much lower than that of petroleum energy. It is a clean energy source that is strongly advocated by the state and has a broad market space.
  • Increased density convenient storage and transportation: the pellet fuel after molding has small volume, large specific gravity and high density, which is convenient for processing conversion, storage, transportation and continuous use.
  • High efficiency and energy saving: high calorific value, the calorific value of 2.5~3 kg wood pellet fuel is equivalent to 1 kg diesel calorific value, but the cost is less than half of diesel fuel, and the burnout rate can reach over 98%.
  • Wide application: pellets fuel can be widely used in industrial and agricultural production, power generation, heating, boiler burning, cooking, and is applicable to all households.

The scope of application of biomass fuel pellets

It replaces traditional petrochemical energy sources such as diesel, heavy oil, natural gas and coal, and is used as fuel for thermal equipment such as boilers, drying equipment, and heating furnaces.  

What is the calorific value of biomass fuel pellets? 

For example: all kinds of pine (red pine, white pine, pinus sylvestris, fir, etc.), hardwood (eucalyptus, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, etc.) is 4,500 kcal / kg. Soft mixed wood (poplar, birch, fir, etc.) is 4,300 kcal / kg. The low calorific value of straw pellets is 3000~3800 kcal/gong. Bean sticks, cotton poles, peanut shells, etc. 3,800 kcal / kg; 3700 kcal/kg for corn poles and canola poles. Wheat straw is 3500 kcal / kg. The potato straw is 3400 kcal/kg. The rice straw is 3000 calories/kg.

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