Issues about accelerated development of forestry biomass energy

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Recently, with the improvement of living conditions, the shortage of energy is urgent, so in order to realize the sustainable development of the energy, it’s necessary to accelerate the development of the forestry biomass energy, especially to develop forestry biomass energy as the main energy, some biomass energy such as starch crops, oil crops and so on can be the important support of developing forestry biomass energy. Although these years, we are faced with the serious situation of shortage for energy, we should promote the development of forestry biomass energy, which can indirectly promote the development of forestry economy. 

Why develop forestry biomass energy?

First, we should know that forestry biomass energy refers to the energy comes from the vegetation, like woods, wastes from the forestry etc. This forestry biomass energy is converted from solar power. Forestry biomass energy can be burned directly, or converted to other certain technology, like processing into biomass pellets to be applied in heating, biodiesel and other aspects. Then why we should develop the forestry biomass energy, the reason is like the following.
biomass pellets

  • Develop forestry biomass energy can alleviate the energy shortage slowly. Originally, china is a country that is short of mineral energy, the demand of energy is very high, what’s more, with the larger and larger population, energy is becoming the most important question to solve no matter in politic or diplomatic. According to this point, accelerate development of forestry biomass energy is the important goal of energy development in the future. 
  • Develop forestry biomass energy can improve the ecological environment. When burning the fossil fuels like oil, there will be a large number of harmful gas and carbon dioxide, which has great effect on the ecological environment. While it’s different when burning the biomass energy, because there has low nitrogen content after burning, which can effectively reduce greenhouse effect, reduce ecological environment pollution, and contribute to the construction of a harmonious society. 
  • Develop forestry biomass energy can speed up afforestation. What’s more, it is possible to improve the quality of the forest, some was not suitable for the cultivation of land, after the development and reform could become a good land, contribute to prevent land loss and increase the forest coverage rate.

How to accelerate forestry biomass energy?

Adjust the relationship between forestry and other industries. According to the current situation of forestry development, we should make long-term development plans about the forestry, the following principles must be insisted, namely, don’t occupy farmland, don’t consume cereals, don’t destroy the ecological environment, but can introduce the concept of sustainable development in time, making full use of the wasteland of forestry, speeding up the construction of forestry energy base. For example, in the North, it’s helpful to plant boskages, but in the South, it’s suitable to plant artificial vegetation and the forestry of energy, which can make a contribution to our energy development. We should use the raw materials with high efficiency and low price, try the best to choose high quality forestry material as the biomass energy to improve the comprehensive usage rate of the ligneous, at the same time, the municipal waste can also be used as the fuel of biomass energy, so that we can see the development prospect of forestry biomass energy. 
forestry biomass energy

Accelerate the development and innovation of forestry science and technology. It is complicated to develop forestry biomass energy, the past biomass energy is mainly used for the marsh gas, but now it is used in heating, although there is some innovation in a certain extent, other technologies have also begun new reforms, especially bio-ethanol, direct combustion and other forestry technology, which has become a way to accelerate the development of forestry biomass energy. In the future, it will take the cultivation of new energy varieties as the key point of forestry biomass energy development, which will not only contribute to the establishment of biomass energy base, but also provide new methods for the development and innovation of forestry science and technology.

Increase government support for forestry. In view of the successful experience of the development of forestry biomass energy sources in other countries, the government has provided special funds for the development of biomass energy sources. Forestry biomass energy offers opportunities for sustainable development. America provides the special funds on the research of biomass energy technology, parts of Europe countries make the special legislation and implementation of the difference between tax and subsidy system, directly promoted the development of biomass energy. Our country is based on the successful experience of other countries for forestry biomass energy presented the biomass energy and biomass chemical aid funds, such as policy, which means that our country is accelerating the pace of the development of forestry biomass energy, especially in taxation, investment, etc more provides opportunities for the sustainable development of forestry biomass energy.

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