analysis of the four misunderstandings of biomass pellet fuel

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What is the raw material of the pellet machine equipment? What is the feedstock of biomass pellet fuel? Many people are not quite sure.

The main raw material of pellet machine equipment is crop straw, precious grain can be used, and the remaining straw can be used to produce biomass fuel.

There are four major misconceptions about biomass fuel. Below, the engineer answers these questions, so that we can eliminate the wrong cognition about biomass pellet fuel produced by pellet machine equipment.

Elimination of energy from biomass pellet fuel and misunderstanding of land competition for grain

The raw material production of grain machine equipment can make use of barren land, sloping land, improved saline-alkali land, and leisure land, which is not suitable for planting crops, and it is completely possible not to compete for land with grain production.

Elimination of the misunderstanding between Biomass pellet fuel Energy and Food Competition

biomass fuels

Corn stalks, wheat stalks and rice husks can all be used as raw materials to produce biomass pellets. All kinds of waste oil and rapeseed can be used to produce biodiesel.

So can't be misunderstood as biomass energy is to change the granary into oil tank. Instead, biomass energy will act as a food security balancer.

Error of eliminating immaturity of Biomass fuel Particle Energy

Bio-fermentation technology is a small gap between domestic and foreign biotechnology. The technology of fuel ethanol has reached the international advanced level, and biodiesel technology has also entered the stage of R & D industrialization. Biogas technology has been used for many years and has made great achievements. Improvements in biomass technology can reduce costs and are safer than coal and are a very large source of energy.

Biomass fuels, granular energy, and high production cost

Further improvements in biomass energy technology are expected to be one of the cheaper sources of energy and much safer than nuclear and coal.

Preliminary calculation shows that the total investment of the three Gorges Project is about 180 billion yuan. After completion in 2009, the annual power generation is 86 billion kilowatt-hours, equivalent to a Daqing energy equivalent, and the development of biomass energy with the same equivalent can create a green Daqing in less than 50 percent of the investment.

Pellet machine equipment of biomass pellet fuel 4 major misunderstanding. Now do you understand?

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