Biomass pellets and biomass pelletizing machine

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Biomass fuel

This mainly means to burn some biomass pellets as fuels. Biomass pellets usually come from forestry and agricultural residues, such as straw, saw dust, bagasse, rice husks etc. it’s different from fossil fuel. To burn those forestry and agricultural residues directly is forbidden by the government because they belong to highly polluting fuels, they can’t be burned in the city. Here we refer biomass fuel as Biomass Moulding Fuel (BMF), generally signify biomass pellets, which through the technology of crashing, mixing, squeezing and drying etc, to make biomass pellets or biomass briquettes, that can be burned directly as the new and clean fuels.
Biomass pellets

Biomass fuel calorimeter

Category Moisture content (%) Volatile matter (%) Ash specification (%) Fixed carbon (%) Calorific value (kcal/kg)
Wheat straw 7.8 69.11 5.71 17.38 3687
Cotton straw 13.4 65.17 3.20 18.23 3591
Rice husk 9.4 61.27 13.32 16.01 3484
Peanut shell 10.5 67.17 3.15 19.18 4010
Tree branch 12.3 69.78 1.98 15.94 3866
Straw 11.6 59.50 14.10 14.80 3139
Sawdust 9.0 69.00 4.51 17.49 4000

Application of biomass pellets

Biomass pellets made by biomass pelletizing machine are widely used to heat the water which used in the craft process of spinning, printing and dyeing, papermaking, food, rubber, plastic, chemical engineering and etc. what’s more, the most common application is used as fuels to make hot water in the enterprise, office, hotel, school, restaurant and so one.    

Features of biomass pellets

Green energy resource, environmental protection
When burning biomass pellets, there is no smoke and strange smell, very clean and environmental protection. The content of sulphur, ash specifications, and nitrogen is much lower than coal and petroleum. It’s a kind of environmental clean energy, enjoys “green coal” reputation.
Low cost and high added value
The calorific value of biomass pellets is quite high, so the use-cost is much lower than petroleum, most of the countries especially China strongly advocate biomass pellets to instead of petroleum as the clean sources. So biomass pellets have broad market space.
Density increases and convenient to transport
Biomass pellets has features of small volume, large proportion and big density. Thus it is very convenient for storage and transportation. You can store the rest when there are enough to left.
The volatile component is high, the carbon is high and the ash content is only 1/20 of the coal, the residual heat in the ash is very low, and the combustion rate can reach over 98%.

Advantages of biomass pelletizing machine

biomass pelletizing machine
Now that biomass pellets are so popular, biomass pelletizing machine has the huge market. It's equipment used to make biomass pellets. The advantages of biomass pelletizing machine are as follows.
  • Biomass pelletizing machine accepts not only dry materials but also wet materials, only the moisture of raw materials is not less than the national standard of 13%.
  • It can be used to process various kinds of biomass raw materials. These include: sawdust, wood chips, wood shaving, grass, straw, stalk, rice husk, alfalfa, peanut shell, and so on. TICO has professionals doing the raw material test and have obtained best compression ratio for over 20 kinds of common seen biomasses. If your raw material is a new type, we can do FREE raw material test for you.
  • Equipped with high quality alloy steel roller and die by advanced craft.The visibility design of the pelletizing chamber ensures a smooth pelletizing process and timely repairing.
  • The homemade pellet mill does not cost much. As long as you have enough raw materials for making pellets, you will save a lot on your fuel bill in the following cold winters.
  • Reasonable design: high efficiency, easy operation, steady running.
  • The wood pellets made by this pellet maker machine have smooth and even surface, and also good appearance, so that they have high quality and can sell at higher price.
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