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A large number of small wood-chip pellet machines were used in large numbers more than a decade ago, at that time mainly using a new type of feed pellet machine. At that time, many feed manufacturers needed to crush the feed and make it into pellets. On the one hand, it was convenient to store it. On the other hand, feed pellet machines are small and convenient, which is favorable for animal digestion and absorption, and is very popular with breeding users. So the feed pellet machines were very popular and the sales were very hot, which gave birth to a large number of feed pellet machine manufacturers.
wood feed pellet machine

In recent years, with the advocacy of low-carbon environmental protection in China, more and more places have begun to abandon the traditional coal as the raw material for combustion, and use wood chips or straw particles as the raw material for new energy sources. The demand for wood chips is most prominent in large-scale power plants. According to the current trend, supply is still in short. In order to get a better profit, many traditional feed pellet machine manufacturers abandon the basic responsibility bottom line and sell the feed pellet machine to users to suppress the sawdust particles. Much more, so the traditional feed pellet machine is very difficult to suppress wood debris particles, and because of the pressure of market demand, high wear, the machine's service life is also very short.

We would also like to remind you that when buying pellet machine, be sure to make a clear distinction between small wood pellet machine or feed pellet machine. Avoid losing money for nothing. Choose TICO flat die pellet machine, wood crusher is not wrong, both energy saving and environmental protection, our company guarantees the quality of production, will certainly provide you with the most satisfied service!
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