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Forestry biomass material is a new material which is processed from shrub, herbaceous plant and forest residue, waste wood, crop straw and other agricultural and forestry residues, such as straw composite material, biomass plastic composite material, cork and its products. Willow-knitted products, biomass-based adhesives and so on. The standardization of forestry biomass materials plays an important role in ensuring product quality and safety, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, improving economic quality and increasing efficiency, promoting international trade, and so on.

Current situation of forestry biomass materials industry in China

The annual output of crop straw composite materials in China is 300000 m3, ranking the second in the world. There are 6 existing production lines in operation, and the annual output of each production line is about 50 000 m3. In addition to the existing production line, there are 5 production lines under construction and more than 10 plans to be built. In the production line, except for 2 imported production lines, the straw board production line with independent intellectual property rights is adopted. Through the guidance of national policy and technological innovation of enterprises, crop straw composite products are accepted by consumers, and market share is gradually expanded.

Biomass based plastic composites are made of wood, bamboo, peanut husk, rice husk, crop straw and waste plastics as main raw materials. It includes wood plastic composite, bamboo plastic composite and straw plastic composite, etc.

forestry biomass material

Current situation of forestry biomass materials standardization

Among the current standards, there are 4 national standards and 4 forestry industry standards that need to be revised for more than 5 years.

In addition, there are 17 standards under study, 13 of which are in the drafting stage, including 12 national standards and l forestry industry standards, and 4 are in the approval stage, including 2 national standards and 2 forestry industry standards.

Problems of forestry biomass materials standardization

  • One is that the technical content of the standard is aging, the standard is too old, the second is that the structure of the current standard is not reasonable and the coverage is not perfect; the third is that the total amount of the standard is less, the basis and method standard is less, and the formulation of the new product standard lags behind the industrial development. Such as biomass plastic composites, heavy metals and other harmful substances limit, urgent need to introduce new standards.
  • The standard management level and the standardized service ability need to be improved. The structure of the committee members is not reasonable, the cork and its products are lack of experts; the standard revision cycle is long, there is no standard dissemination and training special support, which makes the standard and training work cannot be carried out; the standardization service of the enterprise and the society has not been opened by the Committee.
  • There is a shortage of standardized technical personnel. Domestic specialized in standardization research, development, management and service personnel are scarce, and our biomass materials enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, but also rarely equipped with full-time or part-time personnel for standardization work, It is difficult to meet the new requirements of standardization work.

Countermeasures and suggestions for standardization of forestry biomass materials

  • The standard is the technical support for economic activities and social development, and the basic system for the modernization of national governance system and governance ability. Standardization plays an important role in ensuring product quality and safety, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, improving economic quality and increasing efficiency, and promoting international trade.
  • The standardization of biomass materials has been reformed in an all-round way, and new requirements have been put forward for the standardization of forestry biomass materials. Through summarizing the present situation of the standards of forestry biomass materials, the following suggestions have been put forward:
  • Continue to improve the optimization standard system. The standard system is the basis of standardization management and industry development planning. According to the latest trends of international forestry biomass material standards and the latest development situation of domestic forestry biomass materials industry, the standard system of forestry biomass materials will be continuously improved and optimized.
forestry biomass material

  • It is important and urgent to speed up the revision of the standard, including heavy metal limit of biomass plastics composite material, heavy metal detection method of biomass plastic composite material, determination method of moisture content of cork raw material, terminology of cork products, cork paper, etc. Revise the current standard for more than 5 years. 
  • We will continuously improve the management level of the TOC. Around the standard technical committee construction and the standard system revision entire process management, uses the information method, standardizes the standardization technical committee to operate, enhances the standardization technical committee management and the service ability. We will further improve and straighten out the internal management process of the committee, speed up the formulation of standards, shorten the period of standard-setting to less than 24 months, strengthen the promotion and training of the series of standards such as biomass plastic materials and cork, and expand the effectiveness of the implementation of the standards.
  • Strengthening the construction of standardized talents. In order to improve the quality and professional level of forestry biomass material standardization research and management, we should establish a professional and stable research and management team through many ways, so as to improve the quality and professional level of its staff. To ensure the healthy development of the standardization of forestry biomass materials.
  • Upgrading the standardized service capacity of the bid committee. The Standard Committee shall actively promote and assist enterprises in making their own product standards public, and provide effective consultation and service for the establishment of corporate and the standards.
  • We should establish a perfect standardized service system and expand the standard R & D service. Such as providing standard technical content and compilation method consultation, providing professional services such as domestic and foreign standards analysis and research for enterprises to formulate standards, improving the quality and level of standards, providing customized technical solutions for enterprises to implement standards, etc. To guide the enterprise to carry out the standard correctly and effectively; to assist the enterprise to set up the standardization organization structure and the system, to formulate the standardization development strategy, to build the enterprise standard system, to train the standardized talents, and to promote the development of the small and medium-sized enterprises.
biomass raw materials
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