Factors affecting the profit of biomass pellets

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Factors affecting the profit of biomass pellets

In general, there are many factors affecting biomass pellets. The pellets on the market are affected by different factors, which results in different quality. Therefore, many people should consider more when choosing to purchase pellets directly. Of course, there is also a kind of the safer thing to do is to buy a reliable pellet machine to produce the pellets, so that the quality is the result you want. Here is a brief introduction to the factors that affect the profit of biomass pellets. There are three main factors, the quality of pellet machine equipment, the availability of raw materials and the types of raw materials.    

Quality of pellet machine equipment

The pelletizing effect of the biomass pellet machine is not good, the quality of the produced pellets is not high, the sale price is not good, and the profit is small.

Sufficient raw materials

Biomass raw materials are not sufficient, production is not enough, and no money can be earned, because this line must produce large quantities to make money.

Types of raw materials


The types of biomass raw materials are sawdust, wood chips, pine, balsa wood, wood scraps, corn stover, chaff, rice husk, etc. The density of each raw material is different, and the compression time cost is different, which is a factor affecting the profit of biomass pellets.

Prospects for biomass pellet fuel

Biomass pellet machine can effectively granulate and process agricultural and livestock raw materials such as sawdust, straw and rice husk, and become biomass pellet fuel, creating greater economic and environmental benefits than wood chips.

The use of discarded wood chips and sawdust to produce biomass pellets is an emerging industry with a very promising future across the country, especially in areas with large amounts of raw materials around the pellet production area. Investment in this industry will make a difference.

Biomass pellet fuel economy and environmental protection 

Because the wood chips are very light in texture, if they are directly burned, the burning time will be short, and the discharge will not reach the standard, which will cause serious environmental pollution, and the burning temperature will not meet the requirements. The pellet machine equipment completely changes its properties after it is processed into pellets. Its texture will become dense, and the calorific value will increase accordingly. It is no problem to burn directly in the boiler. Biomass pellet fuel can replace coal, and the combustion emissions contain less sulfur dioxide and other gases, which is a sustainable renewable biomass energy source.

These three factors that affect the profitability of biomass pellets are critical. If you solve these three factors, you can earn much money! 

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