How to find and solve malfunctions of pellet machine?

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All pellet machine will meet variety of malfunctions, most of the malfunctions are not because of the equipment itself but the artificial improper operation. In fact, there are always signs before the machine break down. We can avoid these problems if we notice the abnormal sounds or operation before malfunction happens.

Signs of malfunctions

Pellets that produced don’t have smooth cut surfaces sometimes with a lot of wounds and the lengths differs much. This point to the problem of blade. If the blade is intact, the cut surfaces should be smooth and the length of pellets are almost the same.

High moisture content of material cause jam of pellet machine. Test the raw material by using the humidity instrument. Raw material of high moisture should get dry first. To avoid overloading of pellet machine, we had better use the raw materials in proper moisture content, otherwise, it will influence the efficiency of pellet machine. 
maintain pellet machine

Visible cracks of the machine itself. Apparently, this kind of fault is easier to be found. Generally, the machine will make abnormal noises while operating. We can judge from the sound of the pellet machine. When it happens, shut down the machine first, check the entire machine to find the source of the noise. We often meet these faults after the machine put into use, most of the time, it is the problem of the machine itself, but the overtime use of the machine. Take note of this fact.

Therefore, to maintain the continuous working of the pellet machine, maintenance is also necessary after using each time.

Daily maintenance

  • Check the lubrication of the bearing and the condition of firmware.
  • Check the working condition of lube pump to see whether the lube oil works well. Change the damage lube pump as soon as possible to ensure the normal operation.
  • Check the tightness of the belt, make sure that the belt is at right tension. Clean the oil tank with a tidy rag.
  • Check the electric parts protector, in case of leakage of electricity. 
  • Check die holes if there are foreign bodies. Keep die holes clean. Fill the holes with oil material if the die is out of use. 
  • Keep the machine clean all the time after using each time. Keep the machine and spare parts to a place where is dry and airy.
maintain flat dies

Customers usually ignore the importance of maintenance of pellet machine and always over use it, which will lead to the reduction of produced pellets. If pellet machine owners pay attention to the daily protection and maintenance, the machine will runs not only effectively but also a long time. As the failure happens less, the output will rise, the income will rise. At the same time, the longer time the pellet machine can be used, the more profit brings to the owner. The maintenance cost little money, all you need to do is fasten the screw, make some adjustment, do some clean job. If you don’t do this, may cause big problems. When little problems coalesce into big problems, the final fixing cost will be expensive. Prevention is better than cure. 

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