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Euryale seed is a name of traditional Chinese medicine. Distributed from Heilongjiang to Yunnan, Guangdong and other places. It has the effect of tonifying the kidney, tonifying the spleen and stopping diarrhea, dehumidifying and stopping the dampness. The whole grass is pig feed and green manure.
Euryale seed

The hard thicken shell is not edible, so we must remove the shell before boiling it. Euryale shell does not have any effect, previously is made bean products and other family workshops to burn directly.

In recent years, the state has attached great importance to environmental protection, from big factories to small workshops are in the process of transformation, now Euryale pellets are machined into granular fuels through biomass particles, which are suitable for heating biomass burning plants, power plants, heating companies and domestic boilers.

The solid shell fuel is safe, environmentally friendly, energy saving, no pollution, high heat, full combustion, large proportion, small volume, convenient for long-term storage and long-distance transportation, and can replace coal, diesel, liquefied gas, natural gas, etc. Particulate ash can be recycled as fertilizer.
Euryale seed pellets

Biomass pellets can be processed by biomass pellet machines means such as corncob, tree trunks, leaves, building templates and other agricultural and forestry wastes, as well as straw, rice husk, cottonseed husk, corncob, branches, tree trunks, leaves, building templates and so on are all can be raw materials of pellet machines.

Biomass pellet machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low noise, high fatigue resistance and full automatic lubrication.

Biomass pellet machines are suitable for biomass burning plants, wood processing plants, chemical plants, power plants and so on.
Euryale seed pellets

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