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What do you know about the flat die pellet mill?

The structure of flat die pellet mill is very simple. It is composed of motor, gearbox, drive shaft, roller and die, feed hopper, cutter, outlet hopper and control cabinet.

Motor: pure copper motor, national standard copper core motor, can be customized according to customer voltage.

Feed hopper and outlet hopper: galvanized sheet or stainless steel plate, rust - proof, thick material. The structure is firm and reliable with the whole sheet metal roll.

Electric control cabinet: adopt the famous manufacturer electrical components such as zhengtai and Siemens. Use phosphating, pickling, plastic spraying treatment, high thickness, the electrical box with emergency stop switch to prevent the equipment from causing damage to the equipment. It's safer and more durable to use.

Transmission structure: using bevel gear transmission structure and reducer transmission structure,smooth operation, low noise, reversible to rotation, long service life gear.

Flat die and roller: as the most important component of pellet mill,TICO has a remarkable advantage in the industry.

The die disc and main shaft use 40Cr/4Cr13, the Cr content is high, more wear-resisting, the material is forged, the inner grain is more delicate and uniform, and the mechanical properties of the material are improved. Fully automatic CNC automatic punching machine, ensure the aperture finish, produce the first class pellets.

The die disc, main shaft, roller and roller shaft adopts vacuum heat treatment, do not damage parts surface quality, not deformation, mold hardness, wear resistance, The service life of die has been optimized by trial and experiment over the years.

The die and roller are particularly important in the component parts of the TICO flat die pellet mill. The die and roller will affect the final particle forming effect, capacity and other factors. It plays a central role in the feed granule machine. It has the core position in the flat die pellet machine. 
all types of flat die pellet mill

Advantages of die and roller

  • The die and roller in the pellet mill are made of high quality alloy steel with a hardness of 55-60hrc.
  • It can be customized according to customer's raw material.
  • It provides professional pellet density detection and adjusts the parameters according to the particle density at any time.
  • After years of testing and customer feedback, the service life of the die disc can reach 600-800 hours.
  • Because of strict, standardized production and technical management, so that we ensure that all of our machines and each part of the consistency and interchangeability, and the customer chooses the spare parts to be more assured.

Inspection and maintenance of flat die

Check the flat die before starting up, make sure there is no foreign body on the die disc and no loosening of relevant fastening parts. The die disc can be changed for use after wear and tear (individual die plate only one side can be used, purchase please consult customer service staff).
dies and rollers

All moulded die plate need to be quenched in order to harden the material. However, if the hardness is too high, it is easy to break, in the same way if the hardness is too low, the service life will be affected. The industry standard hardness should be between 52-64.

The new die disc has not been ground before leaving factory and needs to be ground before the first use. Every hole in the die disc is made by a threaded drill, so there will be threads of varying depth in the aperture. The number of threads is related to the speed of drilling. The faster the drilling speed, the larger the thread, and there is generally no reaming or grinding process. Therefore, before using, the user must grind the die disc and grind the thread of the die plate hole to make it more efficient and smooth. According to the experimental results shows that with the 3mm feed die plate of the type 300. After a simple grinding, the output can reach 250 kg per hour, but after continuous operation of one week to two weeks, the output will reach 600 kg/hour. Therefore, the quality of the die plate grinding, the impact on the yield will be enormous. But there is a point, we can not in order to increase production and long time grinding die plate, the size of the mold plate determines the compression ratio of the die plate, a long time of grinding will reduce the compression ratio, thus affecting the grain effect, this and the use of the die plate to a certain amount of time need to be replaced is the same reason.

Grinding oil formula: 20% fine sand, 65% raw material (wood chips), 15% waste oil, the dosage is 10% of the feed output per hour for the purchase model, stirring evenly.

Inspection and maintenance of roller

Check the rollers before starting the machine, so as to ensure that no foreign body prevents the roller from running freely. It is better to replace the roller with the die plate at the same time.
die and roller

Adjust the clearance between die and rollers

Adjust between die and rollers has great influence on pellet quality. The best range of clearance remains 0.1mm-0.3mm. The clearance adjustment depends on specific materials. When the clearance is over 0.3mm, the material builds up a thick layer on die, so the pellet capacity will be reduced greatly. When the clearance is less than 0.1mm, it will aggravate the abrasive wear between die and rollers, causing the service life shortened.

The capacity and packaging of flat die pellet mill

Processing capacity: the output is 15 to 20 kg per kw, and other manufacturers generally reach up to 10 kg, and the unit output energy consumption is generally 0.06 -- 0.05 kilowatt-hour power/kg, other manufacturers 0.1 kilowatt-hour power/kg.

Packaging: adopt professional packing board for fumigation free ; in order to prevent rust during transportation, use plastic film winding.

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