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Environmental pollution is serious, and the demand for new energy in society is increasing. In this social state, the pellet machine manufacturers have sprung up like a mushroom, and many customers will also be guilty when they choose the pellet machine equipment. There are also many customers who choose the pellet machine due to factors such as funds and factory buildings. The equipment is mixed. So how do we choose a pellet machine?

Many customers who buy pellet machine equipment often only pay attention to the price, in fact, this is not reasonable, should pay more attention to the quality of the pellet machine. The key to selecting a pellet machine is the quality of the machine and the after-sales service of the manufacturer. This is undoubted, any machine relays on the quality. 

It is necessary to inspect the strength of the pellet machine manufacturer that provides the equipment. We must not only believe in the words of the pellet machine sales staff, but also on the ability and scale of the pellet machine produced by the manufacturers. On the other hand, we can see if there are successful customer cases for reference. 

It depends on whether the technology of the biomass pellet machine manufacturer is feasible, the quality of the technician's installation training to the site, and some manufacturers have not been able to make pellets fuel after a long time from equipment installation to commissioning. The particle index also does not meet the requirements of the market and customers.

When conditions permit, try to purchase a pellet machine production line that is easy to operate, easy to maintain, complete in accessories, and fully automatic continuous feeding. This can improve the production efficiency of pellet machine equipment and reduce labor costs, which is suitable for long-term development of enterprises.

In the customer inspection, we should pay attention to some details while paying attention to the overall situation. The details often determine the quality of the biomass pellet machine. As far as possible, take the raw materials to the pellet machine manufacturers to test the machine. The quality of the purchased pellet machine equipment, and the proficiency of the operation technology at the later stage directly affect the equipment efficiency and product efficiency.
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