How to increase the pellet mill capacity?

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Generally, the capacity of a pellet machine depends on its size, a large ring die pellet machine can produce much more pellets than a small portable pellet machine per hour. No matter which type of pellet machine we use, the point is how can we reach their highest point.
The factors influence the output of pellet machine are usually related to the raw materials and operating factors. The condition of raw material is the main factor that determines the efficient of pellet machine, in the meanwhile, operating also influences the capacity of pellet machine. Start from these two aspects, let’s see the ways to increase the capacity of pellet machine.

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Raw Materials

  • Size of the raw material. We all know variety of raw materials can be used to make pellets, such as sawdust, peanut shells, rice husks, bamboo, coconut shells and so on. They are different in sizes. Only the appropriate size of raw materials is more easier to produce high quality pellets and to reach a higher output. So try to keep all raw materials at right size.  

  • Cleanness of materials. Unclean material contains foreign matters like little rocks or something hard or solid will not only decrease the yield but also cause damage on the pellet machine. Pick out foreign matters before pouring raw material into the hopper which will keep the high efficiency of the pellet machine.

  • Moisture of the raw materials. The standard moisture rate of raw material is between 8% and 15%. Higher or lower will influence the press work, at the same time, lead a result to a lower output. Material too dry will lead to unshaped or cracked pellets, material too wet will block die holes .

  • Hardness of the raw materials. Too hard materials will not only need more pressure but more hard to pelletize during the process of forming.

  • Viscosity of raw material. High viscosity material is much more easier to attach on the surface of spare parts of pellet machine which will influence the working efficiency and decrease the yield of pellets. Spend more time on cleaning the machine is also a kind of waste.

  • Density of raw materials. Normally, the higher of density, the higher output we can reach. That is to say, high density of raw material is more suitable for pellet production.

Operating Factors

  • Adjust the gap between roller and die. Too large will cause uneven stress or the pressure from roller is not big enough to press the material. Too small will increase friction between roller and die and cause damage on them.

  • Replace the old worn spare in time. As the main process of pellet making happens in the roller and die parts. Roller and die are easy wearing parts of pellet machine. Any of them worn out will decline the performance.

  • Select the appropriate die specification. Different specification of die holes suit for different type of material. For wood pellet producing, large size of die hole is suitable, small die hole suit feed pellet more. To ensure a high yield and high quality pellets. Please choose suitable specification of die mold.

  • While the pellet machine is working, keep the raw materials evenly feed in to the  chamber.

  • Follow instruction of the pellet machine operating strictly. Routine maintenance and lubrication is necessary. Reasonable maintenance can extend the service life of pellet machine.

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