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The use of straw in the vast rural areas is a multi-year research topic. Since the last century, the state has invested a large amount of money to study the use of straw and has supported a number of research projects using straw, such as straw vaporization, straw returning, straw plate and many other projects research and experiment, but there are not many manufacturers who continue to develop continuously. The reason is that there are certain technical obstacles encountered in the straw hammer mill.

When it comes to hammer mill, the hammer mill currently used in rural areas generally do not meet the technical requirements for crushing straw, because it was the crushing equipment developed in the 1960s and 1970s to crush food, bean cake, dried sweet potatoes and so on. Although this kind of hammer mill can crush some straw, but it’s not perfect, the hammer mill produced by our company has features like the following: 

  • The wood hammer mill can simultaneously complete two processing steps of fine pulverization and fine powder sorting, and all the fine powder is recovered.
  • The wood hammer mill or chip crusher is equipped with a flow rate regulating valve to control the fineness of the product without stopping the machine. No dust pollution.
  • The machine has a cooling function, the temperature rise is low during pulverization, and the product granularity is uniform.
  • The device has compact and reasonable structure, small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency and low noise.
  • The seal is reliable, the self-cooling function is good, the installation is simple, easy to disassemble and easy to repair, and the replacement of the damaged parts is convenient.

So any customer who is interested in the auxiliary equipment of pellet machines like hammer mill can contact us without any hesitation.
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How to maintain hammer mill?

Any machine should be maintained at regular time, the same to hammer mill, after a long time use, it is necessary to maintain it. Here are some methods for you to refer to.

Regularly check the looseness of the belt and repair it in time. 

The machine should be placed in a well-ventilated position to ensure the heat dissipation during the operation of the motor and prolong the life of the machine. 

Before repeating the start, the remaining materials in the machine room should be removed first, the starting resistance should be reduced, and the ash outlet below should be removed. The powder discharged from the crusher chamber enters the shaft bearing. 

Lubricate the bearings regularly to ensure the lubricity between the bearings.

In order to ensure the sharpness of the tool cutting, the tool should be inspected frequently to ensure unnecessary damage of other components.

Regularly check the tool screws to strengthen the fixing between the blade and the tool holder. 

The machine should be well grounded.

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