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Wood pellet machine is a kind of biofuel granulation equipment. The product effectively solves the disadvantages of difficult granulation and poor effect on biological coarse fiber. The main drive adopts high efficiency belt drive, and the feed adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to ensure the uniform feeding, and the door cover is equipped with a forced feeder. Adopting the international advanced manufacturing technology can customize the high quality mould for all kinds of raw materials for your pellet machine, which can prolong the life of your equipment, improve the product quality and decrease the cost of consumption.

Operators must pay attention to safety when using a small wood pellet machine:

  • The operator should read the instructions, be familiar with the performance, structure and operation method of the small wood pellet machine, and to install and debug according to the regulations.
  • The feed should clear the hard sundries, lest damage the machine.
  • When raw material is produced, it is strictly forbidden to extend the hand into the transmission part and granulation cavity of the small wood pellet machine.
  • Check the wear of flat die and rollers regularly.
  • When it comes to maintenance, adjustment or inspection of a small wood pellet machine, the power supply must be cut off to ensure safety.
  • The motor must be connected to ground wire to avoid accidents.
  • In the production of small wood pellet machine, not only the wear of flat die and rollers should be checked frequently, but also the lubrication of roller, spindle and gearbox should be checked. If there is not enough lubrication, these parts will be easily damaged. Small pellet machine can not be used normally, but also prone to accidents. Therefore, we must remember to lubricate the parts when using a small wood pellet machine.
all types of flat die pellet mill

The characteristics of the small wood pellet machine

Wide range of processing, regardless of miscellaneous wood, pine, bamboo chips, peanut shells, rice husks, straw and other biomass materials we can now find, can be made into pellets, without any additives.

Processing pellets density up to 1.1 10 kg/m

Ensure that the maximum length of biomass feedstock does not exceed the pore diameter of the mould, for example, with 6mm flat mold, the length of wood chips should not exceed 6 mm.

Make sure that the moisture of biomass material is controlled between 10% and 18%, and the moisture requirement of different raw materials is different.

The compression ratio of flat die hole, different raw materials, because of the different packing density, the amount of lignin is different, so different die hole form is needed to achieve the best forming effect. 

Our small wood pellet machine is equipped with a flat die that is processed according to a large amount of experimental data from different raw materials, which will be the best for general raw materials, but if the pellets made by the customer have more dust, in the case of low new rate, we will adjust the flat die compression ratio according to the material.

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