Wood pellet mill: dedicate itself to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games

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Beijing has been chosen by the International Olympic Committee to host the 2022 Winter Olympics and becomes the first city to have been awarded both the summer and winter Games. Air pollution has been the main problem before bidding to host the Winter Olympics. After more than a year’s efforts, air quality of Beijing has improved markedly, and biomass pellet mill has played an essential role during this time. The biomass pellet mill can effectively solve the problem of straw burning in the areas around Beijing, so as to improve the air quality of Beijing and help Beijing to win the award of holding the 2022 Winter Olympics.
In recent years, haze is becoming more and more serious every winter in China, especially in the Middle East part. Haze is traditionally an atmospheric phenomenon in which dust, smoke, and other dry particulates obscure the clarity of the sky, as one of the most severe air pollution in winter; haze is mainly composed of three parts: sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particles (also known as PM2.5). Nowadays, haze has a tendency of spreading all over the country. Experts pointed out that industrial pollution, automobile exhaust, straw burning and other major incentives for the formation of the common cause of the culmination of haze.


Industrial pollution

Industrial pollution and haze pollutionare

Industrial pollution and haze pollution caused by accumulation of environmental problems during the industrialization of China and the process of urbanization. Large energy consumption industrial structure and fossil fuel-based energy consumption structure led to the increase of industrial pollution. Industrial pollutant emissions make haze happens continuously in some large and medium cities, especially in the area of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta region, the Pearl River Delta region, the frequency and degree of haze is the most serious in China. It can be seen that China has already paid a serious environmental cost for the extensive economic development model. If we do not adjust the energy consumption structure as soon as possible, it will be very difficult to improve the air quality.

industrial pollution

Automobile pollution

The United Nations survey report shows that 60% of the air pollution sources in the world’s cities come from automobile exhaust. Motor vehicle emissions are an important component of carbides in the air, and emissions of carbides are the result of burning fossil fuels. In Beijing, for example, Beijing has a total of more than 5.7 million vehicles, and the annual growth number is over 10 million, thousands tons of automobile exhaust are exhausted in the air. To reduce the generation of haze, reduce the car tail gas is imperative, and to reduce the production of automobile exhaust in the final analysis is to adjust the energy consumption structure.

car pollution

Agricultural and domestic pollution

Incineration of straw is the main form of life pollution in the old days, the straw has been used as cooking firewood, with the rapid economic development, energy structure of rural also changes. Now the farmers regard the straw as a waste, after the harvest of grain or corn, straws are burned directly but no more used as firewood. Incineration of straw brings pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, particulate matter emissions, and these emissions are culprits of haze. Agricultural pollution is mainly manifested in the combustion of straw and firewood. The combustion of biomass will discharge a large amount of particulate matter, and these particles will form fog in the case of humidity, and in the case of no wind will form into haze, and haze causes local pollution index rose quickly.

straw burning

China can produce about 700 million tons of agricultural straw per year, 200 million tons of residual forest waste, totaling more than 900 million tons of raw materials. A large number of studies have shown that, as a cheap and environmentally friendly renewable biomass resource, straw has a broad application prospects. Using biomass as fuel can not only reduce air pollution but also brings income to farmers. Using biomass fuel is not only conducive to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, but also for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2022 to contribute a force. With the coal, oil and other fossil energy gradually depleted, looking for new energy has become an urgent task. The green, renewable energy represented by agricultural straw, its role will become more and more prominent.
Pellet mill can convert biomass into pellets which has advantages of higher efficiency and easier to store. The scale of pellet mill is depending on your production scale.

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