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Gradually, biomass pellets fuel come into our life, the biomass pellets which promoted by government and environment friendly are pellet fuels with the density of 1.0-1.3 cubic and produced by pellet machines to deal with the raw materials of crops, saw dust, wood wastes and others. 

The potential of biomass energy utilization in rural areas is large

According to the statistics, biomass energy occupied 55.17 percent of the whole household energy consumption 2000 ago. It is known that there will be a project of using biomass energy in Cangzhou Hebe province, to build five demonstration villages of biomass pellet fuels and three production lines to produce biomass pellets, in order that about 1000 to 1500 farmers can use biomass pellets as fuels. Now the fundamental work has been finished, there are some methods to research the detailed information.

It is necessary to investigate and survey the situation of biomass pellet fuels in order to promote the application of biomass pellet fuel. What we can do is to research the new technology of domestic and foreign agricultural and forestry waste utilization, to sum up the experiences of demonstration, the thorough research, adjust measures to local conditions, overall planning, study and formulate related policies, gradually establish a perfect supporting service system, 

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biomass pellet fuels

How to promote biomass pellet fuels?

  • Want to promote biomass pellet fuels, it is necessary to scale the equipment and industry of biomass pellets machines. Through some pilot projects, to improve existing technology, realize the equipment production on a large scale and industrialization. In the final, to form the whole system of technology research and development, equipment production, the collection of raw materials, product distribution system, effectively reduce the use of biomass fuel cost, promote the biomass pellet machine fuel technology development, provide the necessary conditions for the widespread use of new biomass fuels.
  • Another necessary aspect is to build available run management mode, improve service system, consider the projects of biomass pellet fuels which has done by other districts, to train the manpower and realize the equipment personnel management, what’s more, we should also formulate the encouragement policies, to get the support of policy and fund. Promoting the marketization of biomass molding fuel, explore the operation of the reasonable and effective management model, in the process of demonstration to promote cooperate to set up the service system, set up professional services, solve the farmers' difficulties, ensure the popularization of biomass pellet fuels steadily.
  • Through the policy of “Policy support, economic guidance, demonstration drive, industry promotion, consummation service”, to utilize biomass pellet fuels gradually in the rural area. Although our country attaches great importance to the biomass energy, the lack of support policies and the high cost of biomass pellet fuels. Moreover, under the market conditions, enterprises aiming at profit maximization are unwilling to increase investment in energy saving and emission reduction. In this respect, government intervention is often needed to make up for the shortage of the market. 

Problems in the development of biomass pellet fuels

One of the problems in the development of biomass pellet fuels is that some people think it’s too difficult to collect the raw materials such as straw. But I just want to say that it can’t be more difficult than the collection of niblet, wheat berry etc. Another point of view is that the cost of collecting straw is too high, but in my opinion, it is lower than the cost of collecting coal, we must invest hundreds of billion even much more money on the exploration of coal, oil and natural gas, but now the money spend on exploring biomass energy is less. What’s more, biomass energy development is only a few years, biomass energy is very old, but we industrialized application only a few years. Denmark and other European countries have developed for many years, but in China just a few years, these years have been gradually matched by packaging machine and transport equipment. Coal has been developing for 60 years, or a century or two, its industrial chain is very mature, but low cost? Did you actually count all the costs? Is there a cost to the ecological destruction of the land after mining? The groundwater has been destroyed. Is this environmental and ecological cost calculated? 

So, we should look at the problem in a long term, we should improve the technology and reserve for the development of biomass energy. It’s the most important support to utilize the biomass energy, especially in the rural, biomass pellet fuels are significant creation, we should popularize it greatly!

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