What is straw pellet machine like?

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Each autumn, there are many cornstalk and straws everywhere in the fields after the grains harvest. In the past, people usually burn the straws or crush them then return to the field. But this can cause great pollution, and now many countries don’t advocate this way to deal with straws. Actually, there are much better environmental protection ways to treat straws, for example, straws can be used as fodder, or can be processed into pellets with straw pellet machine to be used as biomass fuels. 
straw pellet mills

Features of straws as fodder

  • Low cost. We can easily get the straws as agricultural wastes in the village, in the fields, everywhere can find straws, so it is easy to use and the cost is very low. 
  • Can avoid animals to select foods, make straws into fodder and then feed to animals, can improve the intake of the animals and reduce the incidence of disease. 
  • It not only can save cost, but also can increase efficiency, because make straws into pellets with straw pellet machine is easy, and it is also easy for people to feed livestock with pellets, only one to three people is enough, which can save manpower and reduce the waste of cereals.

So according to the features of straw as fodder, it is quite right to choose straw pellet machine to process it into pellets, to used to feed pig, cow, sheep and so on. This straw pellet has wide application, such as small farms, feed processing plant and family cultivation etc. 

straw pellet making

Features of straws as biomass fuels

  • The first feature is almost the same to the straw as fodder, is low cost because it is common in the fields in the village.
  • The density is big and straw pellets are convenient to transport, generally speaking, the density of the straw pellets is large and is over 1.2.
  • It is obvious that straw pellets take little place than straws. So it is easy and convenient to store it. What’s more, it is easy to burn and has high calorific power, can be stored with the bag, convenient to use. 
  • Straw pellets can be alternative of coal, oil and natural gas, used at home, boiler factory and electric power plant etc. Is the ideal biomass fuels.

Usually we can meet a question, can we use the same straw pellet machine to make straw pellets not only as fodder but also as biofuels, the answer is absolutely yes, but users should change the flat dies to realize it. 

Now that straw pellets as biomass fuels has huge potential, then how should we start? The first step is to choose the raw materials, of course, straws, cornstalk etc has obtained the support of country, and power plant, garment factory, chemical plant, boiler factory and big hotel even home are all need biomass pellets, so it’s not problem to sell them. And the next thing we should do is to choose a suitable pellet machine.

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